Omar Dib

PhD student

Reroutage dynamique dans un système de transport multimodal

Omar Dib sous la direction de Alexandre Caminada, Marie-Ange Manier et Laurent Moalic


MIC (Modeling Interoperability Communication) is one of the research projects that the IRT SystemX is carrying out. The project has been launched in order to deal with the various issues (mathematical, algorithmical, and economical) that may arise during the development of a multimodal transportation system.

Several PhD thesis have been carried out in the MIC project. They vary from modeling the transportation networks to supervising and controlling the whole system. Rerouting of passengers is one of the issues we study in the project. The rerouting module aims at providing passengers with alternative itineraries when the transportation system encounter disruptions. The passengers shall have access to the recommended itineraries and the preferred communication mean will be the Internet connection.

Therefore, the goal of myPhD is to build at an integrated model of trafic rerouting, to study its mathematical properties using algorithmic issues and optimization techniques, to identify tractable subproblems and develop solution algorithms, trying to delineate the boundary between tractable problems (polynomial time) and untractable ones.

The final model should take into account the dynamic aspect of the system as well as its stochastic characteristic. Moreover, In reality, commuters do not only seek a short-time travel, but they also consider other elements such as monetary cost, comfort (quality of mode), effort (walking distance, number of transfer, waiting time…), safety, and even the mode’s impact on the environment. Thus, to respond to all those constraints, our model should integrate such multi-criteria evaluations for both routes and transportation modes. Finally, the model should not disregard the fact that the capacity of alternative vehicles is limited.

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