Zhihao Peng

PhD student

Planification et coordination de tournées multi-échelon en logistique urbaine

Zhihao Peng sous la direction de Marie-Ange Manier et Hervé Manier


In most cities, space is limited, especially in the city center, and has to be shared between private and public passenger transport as well as parking facilities. Moreover, freight transportation produces congestion, polluting emissions and noise. Frequently, large vehicules have low average loads and a high number of empty trips. Therefore, city logistic aims to reduce the nuisances associated with freight transportation in urban areas. The key idea is to view individual stakeholders and decisions as components of an integrated logistics system. This implies the coordination of shippers, carriers and movements as well as the consolidation of loads of several customers and carriers into the same environment-friendly vehicles. Consolidation and coordination activities arising in city logistics can be performed in a multi-level system, where changes from one level to another one are performed by intermodal cross-docking facilities. The approach we aim to develop must find the best solution for the multi-echelon synchronised, multi-depot, multi-tour, heterogeneous vehicle routing problem with time windows.

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UTBM - OPERA Site de Belfort 90010 Belfort Cedex Bureau D229
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