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12 janvier 2017 par C. Fitouri : Production and predictive maintenance scheduling: the case of job-shop

Résumé :

Maintenance is a strategic function in a company. It aims to ensure the proper functioning of an equipment. It no longer has the sole objective to repair a system but also to anticipate and prevent its failures. It aims to reduce the frequency of breakdowns and maximize the operational availability of equipment (minimize the duration of periods of inactivity as a result of voluntary or accidental service interruptions). Our study focuses on the aspects of decision-making. We must know how to determine the appropriate maintenance policy to ensure the operating safety of production tasks allocated on the equipment while optimizing its use. Recently, new failure prediction techniques have emerged. They provide information on the real-time condition of equipment and its remaining useful life. Thus, we can consider new methods of decision-making (allocation of predictive maintenance tasks, production scheduling) based on the analysis of these recent developments.

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